Tuesday 8 June 2021

Buqi for Covid-19 Rehabilitation

In the previous article, I gave a brief explanation of the Buqi System: what it is, how it works, what it is useful for, etc.  Covid-19 was unheard of when I wrote that article, and probably didn't exist in humans.  Now it is here with us, many people have had it, and we are beginning to understand the long term effects the virus can have on the body and mind post-recovery: physiological changes to the lungs and other organs, and the ongoing symptoms as a result.

While elements of the Buqi system may have a supportive role during early onset of the viral infection, I suspect its most important and tangible benefits will be in supporting people who have been very ill and recovered from the disease - addressing their recovery from the treatment and any 'long-covid' symptoms.

How Can Buqi Help?

At the beginning of 2021, I did an accredited course in Exercise for Covid Rehabilitation, which was developed by leading medical experts in the field.  I learned many things from this course, but one of the main points was that a carefully managed programme of physical exercise is an important component of the rehabilitation process.  By 'carefully managed', I mean that the client's health and fitness levels must be assessed from the outset and throughout the programme so that it can be finely tuned according to the client's needs, to ensure maximum safety and efficacy.

The course focused on gym-based exercise, but the same protocol could easily be applied to other forms of physical exercise, provided the teacher is suitably trained and qualified in the chosen exercise system and in Exercise for Covid Rehabilitation.  It is clear to me that carefully curated elements from Taiji 37 and Taijiwuxigong could be very effective as a covid rehabilitation exercise programme.

Not Just Physical Exercise

Buqi Therapy also contains exercise components which are generally more gentle than Taijiwuxigong and Taiji 37.  Someone embarking on a Buqi-based rehabilitation programme would probably begin with the exercises from Buqi Therapy, gradually working their way up to Taijiwuxigong and then Taiji 37.

This being the case, why not make use of all the elements of Buqi therapy: diagnosis, treatment, self-healing exercise?  It seems to make perfect sense to me.  This way, we are fulfilling the need for physical exercise as specified by specialist health professionals, and complementing that with all the other benefits that Buqi therapy provides.

Remember that the self-healing exercises are not just ordinary physical exercise, they also include breath work, voice work, and meditation.  These elements can help address other post-covid issues that are not necessarily entirely related to physical inactivity: mental/emotional health issues and breathlessness.

Your Help Needed!

To this end, I am planning a new Buqi for Covid Rehabilitation programme, which I hope to pilot later this summer.  To help me with the development of this, I am running a short survey so that I can fine-tune how it will work.  So, if someone you know has been ill and recovered from Covid-19, I would be grateful if you pass-on this link to the survey.

Hopefully, through this programme, yet more positive change can be brought to the world through the Buqi System.